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My name is Reese Low and I am a 17-year-old baker from Bergen County, New Jersey. Throughout my entire life, I have had a passion for baking. During the pandemic, I started recipe testing to create the perfect cake recipe. After several tries, I was able to perfect what is now the recipe for each and every Rlow Cake! I also practiced decorating both cakes and cupcakes and then decided to give it a shot at selling my creations. My business has grown tremendously since the summer of 2020 and I look forward to continuing to sell my work and create new designs along the way. I also work part-time at a local catering company/ bakery. For Rlow Cakes, I now have 3 different products: layered cakes, cookie/brownie cakes, and cupcake towers. I can personalize each cake based on colors, flavors, occasions, and interests. At the moment, you will find me in the kitchen, working on new recipe ideas/cake styles to grow my selection of treats.

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